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  • Introduction, Chris Baur

    Introduction, Chris Baur

    Welcome to our first US Helicopter Safety Team e-newsletter! We have a great team of dedicated volunteers who are committed to helicopter safety!  We are comprised of volunteers from industry and government; FAA, NTSB, and the Helicopter Association International (HAI), who have come together to reduce accidents in our community. The USHST works closely with…

  • Buy a Globe

    Buy a Globe

    As many of you know, the United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) has a both a vision, “a civil US registered helicopter community with zero fatal accidents,” and a goal to “Reduce the US helicopter 5-year average fatal accident rate to 0.55 (per 100,000 flight hours) by 2025 (5 years).” Over the years the USHST…

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards Corner

    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards Corner

    In this issue of the USHST newsletter, FAA Flight Standards Service would like to share an update regarding Helicopter Safety Enhancements, the continuing need for Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs), and to provide an update on the recent Airman Certification Standards (ACS) rulemaking. Helicopter Safety Enhancements (H-SEs): In conjunction with the USHST, the Flight Standards service…

  • Avoiding Helicopter Wake Turbulence 

    Avoiding Helicopter Wake Turbulence 

    You may have heard the phrase, “there are no new ways to crash a helicopter”. Well, that may be true, however we did find a new way for a helicopter to crash an airplane! In this article we will explore the dangers of helicopter wake turbulence and how you as a pilot can protect others…

  • Getting it Done 

    How a dedicated group of helicopter safety volunteers set out to make a difference and save lives  Have you ever tried to get 600+ volunteer safety stakeholders together to achieve a common goal? It’s not easy. But when your vision is to reduce the civil rotorcraft fatal accident rate to zero, you’ll need all the…

  • Featured HS-E – Improving Safety Culture HS-E 19a 

    Featured HS-E – Improving Safety Culture HS-E 19a 

    This e-Quarterly will feature HS-E 19a: Safety Culture & Professionalism. What is a Safety Culture, who owns it? We’ve recorded this Podcast to highlight HS-E 19a, to improve the safety culture. HS-E’s Helicopter Safety Enhancements As I mentioned in our introduction, Helicopter Safety Enhancements or HS-E’s are one of the USHST’s cornerstone safety products. Please…

  • Maintenance Check Flight Best Practices 

    Background. From time to time, you may be called upon to conduct a post-maintenance check flight. This could range from an acceptance delivery flight of a new aircraft from an OEM’s a production line, an FAA-approved maintenance ferry flight, a test flight following a major overhaul, or post maintenance verification of a minor squawk. The…

  • Normalization of Deviance

    Normalization of Deviance

    Safety Management System Programs, monthly safety meetings, and annual safety stand down, add to these effective initiatives along with some eye-catching posters and safety related articles strategically placed throughout the offices hangar and flight planning area.  Maybe even a comprehensive survey of your flight department from your aviation insurance company along with safety audits from…

  • Culture and Safety Outcomes

    Your operation’s safety performance is a direct result of an organization’s ability to effectively manage the risks that may exist.  Whether in the air or on the ground, you need to know what the potential hazards are so that they can be mitigated before a negative outcome results.  The definition of failure includes ‘a lack…

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