Rotorcraft Collective

“The Rotorcraft Collective” is a group of engineers, pilots, mechanics, accident investigators, and communication specialists from industry and the FAA who produce short safety videos packed with information on topics such as preflight inspections and passenger briefings, helicopter icing, and securing cargo. Produced by the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam), this series is a collaborative effort between the FAASTeam, the United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST), Vertical Aviation International (VAI), and the Helicopter Institute in Dallas.

Caution! Helicopter Wake Turbulence

Fuel Yourself for a Safe Flight

Pre-Flighting Your Helicopter

Performance Planning & Power Management

Ground Operations in Icing Conditions

Pre-Flighting your Passengers

Sharing the Airspace with Drones

Preflight After Maintenance

Deviating from Maintenance Procedures Can Be Deadly.

Don't Forget to See and Avoid Other Aircraft

The Rotorcraft Collective: Practice Flying into IMC in a Sim

The Rotorcraft Collective: Don’t Fly Fatigued

Understand the Effects of OTC Medications