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Welcome to our first US Helicopter Safety Team e-newsletter! We have a great team of dedicated volunteers who are committed to helicopter safety!  We are comprised of volunteers from industry and government; FAA, NTSB, and the Helicopter Association International (HAI), who have come together to reduce accidents in our community. The USHST works closely with the VAST – Vertical Aviation Safety Team, which consists of International Regional Safety Teams, which we are part of.

The goal of the USHST is not an easy task.  – Reduce the 5-year average fatal accident rate to 0.55 per 100K hours by 2025.  The USHST uses the 5-year average fatal accident rate from CYs 2014-2018 (0.62 per 100K hours) as their baseline for measurement. 

  • The CY 2019-2023 5-year average fatal accident rate was 0.72 per 100K hours through November 2023 (down .06 from the 5-year average in November 2022). 

The USHST has several initiatives to enhance and improve helicopter safety, and welcome your participation:   

Helicopter Safety Enhancements or HS-E’s are one of the USHST’s cornerstone safety products. Each HS-E is a thoroughly researched document that is composed by Subject Matter Experts to provide a depth of understanding about a specific topic. HS-E’s can also consist of white papers with recommended practices, calls to action; or videos, posters, webinars or checklists. CFI’s – these can be a great resource for your students! In each e-USHST Newsletter, we will examine one of the HS-E’s from the USHST library. This e-Newsletter will feature HS-E 19a: Safety Culture & Professionalism.

Please provide us your feedback at or let us know if you would be interested in volunteering or want to volunteer a friend!    

Thank you for your dedication to helicopter safety! 

Chris Baur, FRAeS 
Industry Chairman, US Helicopter Safety Team