Go Local

Our Vision: A Civil Helicopter Community With Zero Fatal Accidents

“Go Local” Helicopter Safety Webinars for 2021-2022

In order to reinforce a culture of safety among pilots within the helicopter community, the United States Helicopter Team (www.USHST.org) is partnering with FAASTeam managers in hosting interactive webinars aimed at rotorcraft pilots and their decision-making process.

The two-hour session dives deeply into one specific helicopter accident, discusses the tragedy of three lost lives, and helps pilots see that many operational decisions are not black and white choices.  The entire virtual session is fully scripted with slides that use an extensive NTSB accident report, photos and pilot background materials.  As they walk through the accident, attendees will weigh the consequences of each operational decision.  In addition, at key decision points during the analyzed flight, participants will be able to vote on a pilot decision and follow a path to one of eight different mission outcomes. (Voting is made possible via the Zoom polling function.)

In each workshop/webinar session, a FAASTeam manager acts as host and facilitator. A helicopter industry expert also can be very helpful to support discussions and act as a co-leader in the presentation. This could be a local helicopter operator, helicopter industry manufacturer, or a helicopter instructor from a local flight school.

We have tested the presentation as a face-to-face local workshop, and now because of COVID-19 safety issues, we are modifying it into a webinar format with the ability to expand nationwide.

FAASTeam managers across the country now will have the ability to set up a virtual helicopter safety workshop for pilots throughout their region.  (FAASTeam managers: if you have questions, contact tony.molinaro@faa.gov.)

Pilots: “Go Local” helicopter safety webinars will be made available via the FAASTeam Seminars & Webinars search page:  https://www.faasafety.gov/SPANS/events/EventList.aspx