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In this issue of the USHST newsletter, FAA Flight Standards Service would like to share an update regarding Helicopter Safety Enhancements, the continuing need for Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs), and to provide an update on the recent Airman Certification Standards (ACS) rulemaking.

Helicopter Safety Enhancements (H-SEs):

In conjunction with the USHST, the Flight Standards service has taken a look at how the FAA can better support the development of Helicopter Safety Enhancements (H-SEs). To support the development of the H-SEs the FAA has tasked rotorcraft subject matter experts to support each of the H-SE’s in development. This includes subject matter experts from the Air Transportation Division, the Regulatory Support Division, and the General Aviation and Commercial Division. In addition to supporting the H-SE development team, by incorporating a FAA SME into each H-SE team, this will ensure that both the service and the USHST can fully support the recommendations and the implementation.

Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs):

The FAA is still looking to recruit qualified applicants to become DPEs. DPEs form the backbone of the airman certification system and are a key contributor to the safety culture associated with the rotorcraft industry. If you are interested in becoming a DPE, we encourage you to review FAA Order 8000.95 and to apply to be a designee through the Designee Management System (DMS). FAA Order 8000.95 details the appointment process and can be found through the FAA’s Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS) at:  https://drs.faa.gov/. For anyone interested in applying to become a DPE, the login to DMS can be found at: https://designee.faa.gov/.

Airman Certification Standards (ACS):

The Airman Testing Standards Branch, in partnership with others across Flight Standards Service, continues to meet critical milestones for the ACS and Practical Test Standards (PTS); Incorporation by Reference rule-making project. This work remains a priority for the FAA and will result in enhancements to the PTS and ACS documents for helicopters as well as various other categories and classes of airman certification. Stay up-to-date for more information at Federal Register Airman Certification Standards and Practical Test Standards for Airmen; Incorporation by Reference, and www.faa.gov.