Featured HS-E – Improving Safety Culture HS-E 19a 

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This e-Quarterly will feature HS-E 19a: Safety Culture & Professionalism. What is a Safety Culture, who owns it? We’ve recorded this Podcast to highlight HS-E 19a, to improve the safety culture.

HS-E’s Helicopter Safety Enhancements

As I mentioned in our introduction, Helicopter Safety Enhancements or HS-E’s are one of the USHST’s cornerstone safety products. Please explore the USHST’s library of HS-E’s and be confident of its content.  While many HS-E’s are white papers some are simply recommended practices, calls to action; or videos/podcasts, posters, webinars or checklists.  Please feel free to share these with your fellow pilots, flight crew, and maintainers!