“U.S. accident statistics reveal that a helicopter pilot who unintentionally continues VFR flight into IMC will very likely lose control of their aircraft and be dead within a median time of 56 seconds. We must join industry stakeholders to do everything we can to reverse this alarming and unacceptable trend.”

Nick Mayhew, industry co-chair, US Helicopter Safety Team

Unintended Flight in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (UIMC) Safety Initiative

The resource links provided below are only a sample of the information, tools, and services available that may enhance your ability to avoid or recover from a UIMC/IIMC event. Always complete careful due diligence to ensure any information you select is safe and appropriate for your operations

Why 56 Seconds?

This document provides a brief history including the source data that establishes the foundation for the USHST’s “56 Seconds to Live” safety initiative.

Online Training Resources (online)

Ground School, Simulator and Aircraft Training Resources

Recommended Practices

Planning Tools

Risk Management

56 Second Rewound

Take the USHST 56 Seconds to Live Awareness and Prevention Online Training Course

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